This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the the release of Christian Gabels debutalbum Krater. The album was released on cd but never on vinyl. Until now. Now you have the chance to partake in a crowdfunding to make possible a 10 year anniversary vinyl edition of Krater. Follow the link to participate in making this happen:



In the early nineties Christian Gabel found a set of illustrations that seemed to be concept art for a film production. The artwork was dated 1982 and depicted scenes from his hometown Karlstad in post-apocalyptic ruins. In spite of research, no further information about the artwork, the artist or the (possible) film has been found.

Many years later Christian started toying around with the idea of writing a film score for the concept art and the film that was never made. Krater is the result. Krater is also a computer game produced by independent Swedish studio Fatshark. Christian Gabel has written the main themes for the game which also drew inspiration from the found art.

The album "Krater" is out now. You can order the cd at Fatshark

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